Pour autant, Oggy et les cafards reste, et restera toujours, une oeuvre somptueuse, rythmée, délirante et jubilatoire. En essayant de la délivrer, Sharko se prend une décharge électrique qui le prive temporairement de l'usage de ses nageoires. So he sabotages all of the little shrimp’s plans. Un coup de peinture, une bouche dessinée et deux yeux sur la proue et voilà le sous-marin «déguisé» en... gros poisson. Unexpectedly, the photo makes Zig the star of the beach. Zig will try to train his friend against Sharko, but this Yeti is not the smartest... Zig and Sharko have signed up for a diving contest. In the aftermath of a fight between Sharko and a sperm whale, Marina’s house is reduced to rubble. Marina takes charge: someone must sit on the egg until it hatches. Zig uses a fake moustache to approach Marina. Marina decides to make him the star of the swimming pool. Of course, Zig makes the most of the shark’s weakness. Zig takes advantage of the situation to try and catch Marina …, Zig finds a magician’s trunk washed up on the beach and discovers that, with a twist of the magic wand, he can make anyone disappear. Sharko is furious: he isn't selected for the cast! Can they overcome past differences to survive… and get back on the cruise boat? A little paint job and bingo, they have disguised the submarine as a… big fish. The ocean liner makes a stop off a magnificent desert island. Marina loses the little starfish she wears in her hair. Marina curtly orders the shark to rebuild her house, exactly as it was. Totally useless – only Marina thinks it’s fantastic! Marina is disappointed: she would have preferred a five-star hotel. Before they know it, they’re adrift in the ocean! A cargo-plane drops its cargo over Zig and Bernie’s home: countless crates filled with trampolines! Marina has a new obsession: giant robots! To neutralize Sharko and catch the mermaid, Zig and Bernie offer him the perfect lifeguard's kit with a golden board and whistle! The shark takes his new job very seriously and gives out tickets right fin and left... A ship which happens to be a floating launch-pad for a space rocket drops anchor in the lagoon. Didier Dessers, l’ex-membre du groupe « Loop The Loop » (quelques singles dans la seconde moitié des années 80 dont « Sonnez l’alarme ! Only he can’t stay in the saddle. The hyena doesn't put up a fuss: as long as he can approach the mermaid he doesn't care. Dedans, il y a deux grands cerceaux en acier posés sur un socle. Art Basel 2018 : actualité, photos et programme des expositions, Festival d'Avignon 2018 : actu, photos et programme complet, Ligue 1 : Actualité, classement L1 et matchs en direct, Formule 1: Classement pilotes et constructeurs, Télécharger TV Magazine dans l'App Store. Marina has split ends and tries a miracle mask, but her hair grows excessively long. This gives Zig an idea, maybe he could defeat Sharko with the right armor. Sharko must stop Marina from being lured into Zig's stomach during a game of. Sharko comes back to the beach wearing a wig. Reams and reams of paper are on board. Sharko, who had forgotten her birthday, decides to invite himself along. Marina races inside. The mermaid shows up to meet the « human » castaway... Zig becomes infatuated with a little shrimp who is amazingly strong so he sends him on a mission to capture the mermaid. An alien called Blobi turns up onboard ship to enjoy himself. For them the hyena is at the top of the food chain and deserves some respect! The shark takes him everywhere and even leaves him with Marina for a while. She wants to go to China! That's when Zig and Bernie show up, disguised as exterminators... A unicorn shows up on the island, Zig and Bernie steal its magic horn to catch Marina. Marina wants a dog and then Zig comes along! But the tourists stiffen with fear when they see Sharko. J'ai pas aimé Je me suis endormi J'ai détesté. Bernie's new laser gun turns Marina, Sharko, and Zig into babies right before breaking into pieces, so the crustacean has to take care of them while repairing it. While Zig and Sharko are busy fighting, a conquistador, fresh off his galleon, shows up on the beach. L’épisode 4 est remplie d’événements, d’intérêts et de situations très marquantes, sans oublier les acteurs qui maîtrisent leurs rôles à la perfection. "la 3ème saison de Zig et Sharko, d’ores et déjà préachetée par tous les clients des saisons précédentes." Join Zig & Sharko channel and boost your fun with all the beach team! In order to defeat Sharko, Bernie gives Zig bionic body parts. Of course, Zig conspires to take on the role of fitness coach in order to move in on Marina… and to beat Sharko on his own turf: the gym! Zig invents all sorts of illnesses to get her to come back…, Bernie adopts hundreds of cute little abandoned baby hermit-crabs. She’s so miserable Zig loses his appetite for her. For Sharko, it’s a total freak-out, and for Zig? Marina is depressed and bored. Sharko's romantic dinner with Marina keeps getting interrupted by Bernie and Zig's constant attempts to smudge his fancy suit. Sharko ensures the safety of the courses, because Zig takes advantage of every opportunity to try to delight the siren. Marina finds that’s really cute but the shark is in no mood for hyena cuddles... An underwater volcanic eruption gives birth to a second island. Marina decides to disguise him to make him cute. In order to catch Marina, Zig tries them all out: inflatable life preservers, mattresses and armchairs. What a challenge! Hades is determined to seduce the mermaid yet again. Marina aims to enter the Book of Records by tightrope-walking the longest distance ever. When Zig sees Marina on the ship’s prow, he tries to join the crew so he can get close to his prey…. This gives Zig an idea. Zig decides to demolish it but the lighthouse keeper doesn't agree... A freighter runs aground on the beach. During a fight, Zig and Sharko tumble into a lifeboat. And she's going to take care of them! But his heart and his brain don’t agree on strategy, and (as usual), Zig is determined to ruin everything…. ... Zig et Sharko Saison 1 2 épisodes Zig and Bernie decide to use vampire tactics to terrify Sharko and kidnap the mermaid. But the mermaid isn't afraid of him. Sharko suggests a deal to Zig : a way to put the smile back on Marina’s face. Zig & Sharko in other languages: Zig et Sharko, Zig und Sharko, Zig y sharko, Zig ja Sharko, ジグとシャーコ, Zig i Sharko, Зиг и Шарко, 鯊魚哥 Welcome to the official Zig & Sharko channel! Marina thinks she’s getting her very own magic trident from her dad on her birthday. Zig finds him absolutely ridiculous… and is very pleased to discover that mockery can be a powerful weapon against the shark! Marina decides to waterski, so Zig decides he would waterski so he can … Olivier Jean-Marie (Saison 1), Andrès Fernandez (Saisons 2 & 3), Cédric Dietsch & Khalil Ben Naamane (Saison 3) ... Retrouvez Zig & Sharko sur les réseaux ... Oggy et les Cafards, le jeu. Marina reads a fairytale about a frog changing into Prince Charming after being kissed, and totally believes in it. Zig uses Marina's addiction to candy in order to lure her into his clutches, while Sharko tries to snap her out of it before she gets a cavity. after Zig's shadow comes to life thanks to Bernie's special camera, it helps the real hyena capture Marina. Bernie invents a deodorant that makes Zig irresistible to Marina; unfortunately it has the same effect on Sharko and everyone else (including Zig himself). A festival of mishaps begins - this little guy on eight “feet” grabs anything he can reach. An ice floe has even formed in the lagoon, isolating Marinas rock. But Bernie’s court lines on Sharko’s side are a l-o-n-g way away, giving Zig ample time to nab the mermaid…, When Hades is in the shower, the volcano-boiler conks out – no hot water. Zig, Bernie, Sharko and Marina land in a labyrinth of corridors and pipes in the engine room. Un château pour deux: Saison 3 épisode 44. samedi 19 déc. Grâce à un numéro de femme-canon, Zig veut envoyer Marina directement dans le cargo. Zig decides to move to Kenya in order to be among other hyenas like him, but the African lifestyle is not as easy as he thinks. When Sharko’s identity is discovered, all humans leave ship. Marina tries to get rid of them and Sharko would like to help, but he is terrified by the rodents… Zig and Bernie will use his weakness to their advantage. Wow! after accidentally tossing Sharko's fertilizer in the ocean, Marina creates a new one that makes all the plants in his garden grow huge. In a blink, she has her water skis pulled by Sharko-as-motor-boat. To trap Marina, Bernie organizes a movie shoot where Zig and the mermaid play their real life roles for the camera. Zig tries to eat Marina at night while she's sleeping, so Sharko must save her without making too much noise, as she gets extremely angry when woken up. Marina and Sharko try to reenact the "Im flying" scene from the movie Titanic, but Zig and Bernie go to every lenght to ruin it, including crashing the ship into an iceberg. Genre : Dessin anim é; Année : 2019; Résumé de l'Episode 10 : Attrape-moi si tu peux. Zig's sudden ambition to become a racing champion leads to a thrilling car race between the animals! J'ai bien rigolé J'ai adoré J'ai aimé Pas mal ! But when Sharko reaches the diving board, he realizes that he’s scared to death of heights. 07.45 Dessin animé Zig et Sharko. Sharko hijacks a seaplane and showing off, cruises in to pick up his honey. A mummy tries – unsuccessfully – to sell charms and knick-knacks on the beach. Zig has a zillion ideas of how to capture the mermaid thanks to his new oversized ally. La saison 2 est aussi la plus fidèle à l’histoire de la série et de toutes les autres saisons de la série Zig et Sharko. He is quite happy to have her shield him against Sharko, but not so happy with the fact that she keeps him away from Marina who Olga sees as a rival…. Once she is on board, Zig hopes to get rid of Sharko and eat the mermaid... Bernie tricks Zig into thinking he's eaten Marina, and now has to keep her away from him. But then Zig and Bernie get involved... Zig is excited at having his cousins over for a visit...until he realizes they find the mermaid appetizing too! "Volte-face", "Dazibao" et les inédits. Once upon a time, little Zig, Sharko and Bernie got on like a house on fire, until a gorgeous little mermaid turned up and changed the rules. Alright. When Marina takes up lifeguard duty on the beach, Zig pretends to drown in order to get her attention. Zig finds an odd little box in the jungle, presses a button and finds himself in a parallel world with bizarre physical laws! Sharko wants to offer Marina a romantic dinner in the boat’s restaurant, but has to keep a close eye on Zig to prevent the mermaid from becoming the main course. Zig is covered with glue and sand while sharko is trying to repair the sand castle. Zig et Sharko: découvrez toutes les infos, les saisons et les diffusions de la série Zig et Sharko avec Télé Star ... Saison 3 épisode 12: Le grand nettoyage. Zig and Sharko decided to be students too. Bernie organizes a painting workshop to allow Zig to approach Marina. Bernie has been demoted to doing all the dirty work and he is jealous as hell. The canon explodes and shoots all three of them into space. Zig makes the most of Sharko’s absence to stalk Marina, but ends up being martyred by the little octopus. Sharko and Marina take advantage of this to visit the island but Marina gets lost. Lovers dream of a romantic evening in their little castle, but it's more complicated than expected when Marina, Zig and Sharko get stuck in their mini palace. Zig et Bernie découvrent un sous-marin échoué dans une crique. Sharko has to adapt to mountaineering…, A pyramid is discovered on the beach! Super jealous, Sharko quickly shows up on the scene. Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD), Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 2 (HD). Sortie en FR en 2011 dans la catégorie Familial, l’épisode 4 qui dure 7, a été notée de 4.30 et a eu 6 votes. If only things could be like they were before! Magnets fly out, ‘nailing’ the two buddies to the sides of the cargo-plane. The freighter runs aground on the beach again. Marina gets a piece of parsley stuck in-between her teeth, but she does not notice it, even after Sharko tries to explain it to her. But Sharko has no trouble beating up Zig-Robot… until the hyena shows up in a real giant robot. Marina decided to have a school on the beach with her young sea creature friends as some students. It's cleaning day in the castle! Sharko being a real loser when it comes to building, this is gonna be fun…. She leaves a trail of coconuts behind so Sharko can find her, but Bernie outwits her…. Sharko must find a way to control his bad breath around Marina after Zig feeds him stinky cheese. baby Marina sees something in the ocean and wants to see what it is, but Poseidon won't let her escape her crib during naptime. Sharko transforms the volcano into a ski resort. Informations . Zig and Bernie discover a whole bunch of objects in an abandoned cabin. Even the wildest, most far-out inventions of Bernie aren’t enough to prod him back into action... A cargo ship runs aground on the beach, its hold loaded with toys. La grille de diffusion des programmes - Zig et Sharko . That was fun! Zig and Bernie build a sand castle… but in real proportions! Le ballon perdu: Saison 3 épisode 43. samedi 19 déc. The lifeboat breaks off from the ship and falls into the water. Hades visits the ship in order to finally get a kiss from Marina, but she could be more horrified of him. But when Marina is in danger, the two sharks reconcile and unite against Zig to rescue her. The island now faces a huge problem when Marina is wooed by a foreign man promising her freedom and festivities. Guess who their neighbours are? Misconceptions in series to predict... Bernie and Zig gain control of Sharko's teeth and make him bite everything in order to scare Marina away from him. He dozes off and has dreams as far-fetched as each other ... Dreams that will help him free himself from the trauma of his childhood. Marina is happy to be with her friends but is quickly frustrated to discover that they draw better than she... A famous actor of which Sharko and Marina are fans comes to stay on the boat. It's panic on the beach but Zig refuses to die without having eaten his siren! Neptune wants to build a road to his tennis court, but his plan cuts right through Marina and Sharko's house. Deux caisses atterrissent aux pieds de Zig. Ce qui la préoccupe, c'est de voir Zig et Bernie vivre dans de pareilles conditions. She walks off, fed up. A snow storm hits the island and pretty soon, everything is frozen over. Enchantée comme jamais, Marina embarque aussitôt à bord de la loco - mais c'était sans compter sur Sharko, qui exclut illico Zig et Bernie du voyage. Impossible to style without professional advice! Giant lizards show up on the beach to protect Zig from any harm. Zig takes advantage of the situation in order to kidnap her…. Zig sends Marina and Sharko on a fake treasure hunt in order to catch the mermaid, but they end up discovering a real abandoned galleon with cursed treasure inside. Sharko is determined to defeat the final boss on an old arcade game, but Zig's constant attempts to eat Marina prevent him from doing so. Zig takes her in his cab. Marina fantasizes about winter sports. Zig becomes a magician to capture Marina, but finds his magic is no match for Sharko's. But Bernie will do anything to keep his sweetheart... Sharko has a romantic idea: he and Marina will drive in a luxurious car and picnic alone as they take in a beautiful view, like those couples on the covers of dime novels! Marina is given a little octopus to take care of. It is not won. Elle va prendre les choses en main, Les trésors du Paris de la Belle Époque, Ramzy: «Animer “Kem’s” est une sorte de récréation pour moi», Cyril Lignac régale M6 avec ses repas de fêtes, Miss France 2021: le planning chargé qui attend Amandine Petit. She can't walk properly, can't swim anymore, etc. Sharko takes her place as ‘it’… but uh oh, this time he has to keep an eye on Marina PLUS Zig and Bernie …. 08.10 Série TV Candice Renoir La vérité sort de la bouche des enfants. Olga-the-terrible, a Viking chieftain has fallen head over heels in love with Zig. Sharko, Zig and Bernie remember the time the boat almost sank when it hit a rock. App – Oggy le jeu des differences. She asks Zig to do this, but the hyena fails miserably. A gigantic lighthouse has been built in the middle of the lagoon, preventing Zig from being able to see his mermaid. Zig dresses up as Santa Claus, but Sharko is no fool. But he’s just not her type… So, to approach to his beloved, he changes into an irresistible giant Panda. Retrouvez tous les épisodes de la saison 2 de la série TV Zig et Sharko ainsi que les news, personnages, photos et indiscrétions de tournage. Sharko tries to help an elderly turtle cross a road, but Zig and Bernie don't make it easy. Sharko invites Marina out for a romantic evening in a restaurant on a platform in the middle of the sea. She has to find a wig, fast! When Zig discovers that the star is wearing a mask that makes him beautiful and strong, he intends to use it to attract and eat the mermaid... It’s Christmas!

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