Players can find Trick or Treat loot chests scattered around 16 different sector 2: verdansk west zone 2e: atlas superstore The Superstore has multiple open shelves, both at ground level and above, which can make for some unique engagement opportunities. This is how the Halloween scavenger hunt works in Call of Duty Warzone. You can go for a Trick or Treat scavenger hunt on Verdansk, and find a whole set of free Halloween cosmetics. As part of the Halloween update, the Warzone Pumpkin Punisher assault rifle is the reward everyone's after (along with zombies). 16 areas in Verdansk have the chance to have special Trick or Treat supply boxes. The Superstore Halloween event in Warzone has managed to get a lot of attention amongst the gaming community lately. To access the Superstore Halloween event, the players need to open the Trick Or Treat boxes at Superstore. Read more: Fortnite Leak reveals Midas Halloween comeback in undead form Verdansk has changed completely in a new Halloween-theme event, taking over That goes from sprays to stickers, clocks, emblems, business cards and a cleaver melee weapon to weapon blueprints. CoD: Warzone Interactive Loot Map. Or which ones actually count besides the building under the dam? It seems that where the boxes spawn in the above areas is random, so you’ll need a bit of luck to locate them. Euren Fortschritt überprüft ihr im Menü zum Halloween-Event in Call of Duty: Warzone (jetzt kaufen 8,90 € ). You can track your progress in-game. Written By Dan Bernstein. If you sense that an enemy is within the store, it doesn’t hurt to check every aisle, or use a tool that can give recon such as a UAV or Heartbeat Sensor. Superstore; TV Station; The Moving Train; Once you arrive at one of these locations, you’ll need to scour the area for the Trick or Treat Supply Box. With this mid-season Find high loot zones, supply boxes, cash spawns, buy stations, vehicles, & easter eggs! There are 16 unique rewards that you can earn for free via these loot boxes. Warzone Haunting of Verdansk event is a full item packed event, launching with a ton of unique items ranging From Blueprints to weapon charms and 16 other unique items, here is each chest locations & rewards. Call of Duty: Warzone has entered a new event period, and it’s all about getting into the Halloween spirit. Share ... Superstore: Joker sticker: … Today Call of Duty released the official trailer for their newest event for Call of Duty Warzone, The Haunting of Verdansk. Complete them all and you’ll be rewarded with a legendary assault rifle. Warzone Trick or Treating overview. Halloween has come to Call of Duty: Warzone in their seasonal spooky event entitled ‘The Haunting of Verdansk’. But there’s a lot more to the Haunting of Verdansk than premium cosmetics. There's nothing there each time I land, finding 1 or no crates at all, and when I rarely do find a crate, it isn't one of the special event ones. Weitere Tipps zu den Locations hält das nachfolgende Video bereit. In this guide we will show you how to find all 16 of the new limited-time exclusive rewards in The Haunting of Verdansk Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt. You can track your event progress on the tac map screen or under the ‘Halloween Event’ tab in the lobby menu. Trick Or Treat event will see several supply boxes randomly dropped into 16 locations around the Verdansk map, each has a chance of containing a unique cosmetic items or even new blueprints. Tac Map (In-game) “Halloween Event” Tab In Warzone Menu Any ideas on how to find crates there easier? I've been doing this halloween event and you need to open crates at multiple locations, including the Gora Dam. These will give you the chance to win a permanent reward item like a weapon blueprint or calling card. How to Track Event Progress. Getting to these chests is quite difficult this year as the players get eliminated by the people in that area. This year Verdansk is decked out with all-new Halloween decorations and players will have a chance to obtain special collectables, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items… Or in some cases, a terrifying fright. A Warzone player uploaded a clip earlier today of their team landing at Superstore, a popular spot with high-tier loot. Warzone Halloween 2020: How to get cleaver, Pumpkin Punisher, trick or treat supplies. Loot boxes containing items that can be kept can spawn in 16 locations on the Verdansk map. Heck, there are even some IP crossovers with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Saw/Jigsaw series.

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